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Smart City Surveillance Solution

Intelligent city monitoring solutions comprehensively enhance urban safety and efficiency. By utilizing technologies such as high-definition cameras and intelligent analysis, real-time monitoring, intelligent alarms, and precise positioning are achieved, providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for urban management.

Solution Advantage


1704772527189472.jpg     Total solution provider for city surveillance

     City surveillance has many analog cameras, IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs. 

     The interoperability is a big issue. iTOONER is able to provide complete 

     solutions for cities, freeway surveillance management, mobile video 

     surveillance & LPR edge parking automation.

2.jpgVideo Wall

No extra hardware, software-based video wall over NAV Servers

2x2, 3x2, 3x3, up to 12x12 monitors supported

True 4K video wall with sequence supported.

Super in narrow, wide in view.

Enjoy immersive visual feast!

 3.jpg    City Surveillance System

     Gigabit L2+ managed PoE switch with robust security and easy operation

     Gigabit L2+ managed Industrial PoE switch with triple redundant power 

     inputs and short circuit protection PoE++ extend switch

     iTOONER PoE switch can power and connect a wide range of devices, 

     including Wi-Fi access points, VoIP phones, AV equipment, PoE LED lighting, 

     speakers and outdoor solutions.

4.jpgOutdoor surveillance 

Where there is the switch

There is the equipment room. 

Products should stay where they are most needed, Outdoor 

PoE switches are the best choice for the project.

6.jpg    iTOONER cable

    1. Network Cable: Oxygen-free copper, high-speed transmission,environmental 

     protection quilt, through resistance test.

    2. Welding-free waterproof Fiber Optical:

    Single model single core, single model dual core, dual core+ power cable......


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